Saturdays, Sundays & Labor Day August 16 – September 21, 2014MORE INFO

Meet The Players

ENJOY these daily performances by The Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro Players Company!

Entertainment Director: Kate Hopkins
Improv & Street Director: Christopher Leidenfrost
Cast & Fight Director: Robb Earhart
Scripts written by: Robb Earhart
Music Director: Mick laBriola
Dance Captain: Diane Moore


God Save the Queen!

The 2014 Players Company Members

Kate Hopkins- Queen Elizabeth- Her Royal Majesty, Regina Gloriana, Queen of England

Robert Earhart- Sir Robert- Knight and Queen’s Champion

Troy Kiser- Sir Lochlan- Knight

Aaron Fox- Sir Peter- Knight

Alex Stuart- Sir Alexander- Knight

Derrik Harvey- Eugene Forsythe- Queen’s Guard

David Cabassa- Edward de Vere- Earl of Oxford

Virginia Lee Rice- Lady Somerset- Countess of Somerset

Kevin S. Martin- Goodbeer- Tavernkeeper

Diane Moore- Purdy Lightfoot- Dance Mistress

Dayna Willms- Lady Knollys- Lady in Waiting

Nicole Cheyanne Ford- Lady Gwendolyn- Lady in Waiting

Jolie Lowe- Lady Mary- Lady in Waiting

Amanda Waltz- Lynn Prickett- Royal Seamstress

Isadora Miller- Sarapelsus- Jester

Gavin Juarez- Don Juan- World’s Greatest Lover

Carlos-Zenen Trujillo- Phillip Snakewell- High Sheriff and Constable

Steven A. Bailey- Paracelsus- Philosopher

Dave Stuck- Puck (Robin Goodfellow)- Fairy

Julia Stolte- Blue Laural – Blue Fairy

Restory VanRoy-Amandson – Aerie- Air Fairy

Karma Koppang- Ember- Fire Fairy

Justus Reece- Troll- Troll

Julie Eells- Clarissa Faerydae- Fairy Interpreter/faeologist

Michelle Dahl- Mother Goose- Storyteller

Joshua David Willis- Toby Silver- Fightmaster

Cambrie Caldwell- Constance Goodbeer- Tavernkeeper’s Daughter

Heather Tillotson- Eggie Applebottom- Husband Seeker

Jess Reed- Toasty Applebottom- Husband Seeker

Jason Moore- Solomon Cooper- Tinker

Teresa Fox- Windy Bags- Town Crier

Charis Moore- Helvetica Scrivener- Scribe

Liam Pine- Vlad Pullman- Torturer

Chris Driscoll- Conlan Tulloch- weapons master and Scottish mercenary

Kay Ethan- Anne Askyou- Journalist

Nora Wolfe- Robin Graves- Gravedigger

Julia Hargens- Isabella Curdie- Milkmaid

Gina Groves- Mags Pie- Gossip

Shayla Bailey- Alice Preach- Puritan

Kittn Anne- Freeda FishFlinger- Fishmonger

Neil Freer – Benjamin Scurry- Ratcatcher

Nick Nikas- Balthazar- Gypsy

AnnaLee Foster Driscoll- Cassandra- Gypsy

Melory Mirashrafi- Esmeralda- Gypsy

Andrew Grimshaw- Archibald Took- Beggar

The Story of our Village – Join Queen Elizabeth as she visits the village of Somerset. Her majesty has grown bored with her London court and has escaped to the wonders of a countryside tournament held at the village of Somerset. The unexpected arrival of the Queen brings a new twist to the tournament of Champions….

WELCOME at The Front Gate – Arrive shortly before opening (10am) of the Festival Gates and experience the Queen welcoming her ROYAL GUESTS to the village of Sommerset for a day of merriment. It is here that Queen Elizabeth, and her royal court, local villagers, and local merchants, begin the search for a worthy Queen’s Champion… watch the colorful story unfold…

Queen’s Court – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is in search of champion, one who is virtuous and true. Sir Robert is the first to enter the competition. Find out who else steps forward to fight for the honor …

The Royal Chess Match – Gather at the Chess Board Stage and witness a battle that will test both the merits of the assembled would be champions, and that of her Majesty’s two most valued councilors.  Judge for your self whose honor is best suited to attain the title of Champion of England.

Peasant Dance – Revel with the villagers as they celebrate the arrival of Elizabeth, as they perform several period dances throughout the day.

ROYAL PARADE – Watch and experience the joy of the Royal Parade! ONCE A DAY see the Queen and her Royal Court, along with merchants, musicians, dancers, jugglers, villagers all parading in merriment to the Royal Jousting Tournament! “God Save the Queen!”

Royal Court Dance & Children’s Knighting Ceremony – Come join the Queen for a pleasant repast of courtly song and dance followed by a special knighting. All young children, squires and pages who wish may present themselves to her Majesty to be knighted. TBD at The Royal Pavilion.