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Let the Entertainment BEGIN….

 RoundTable Productions

RoundTable Productions

The Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro is proud to present…. A Full Armored Joust Show, featuring the talents & skills of RoundTable Productions!

RoundTable Productions offers a unique and very special medieval armored joust. Step back in time and witness an event fit for kings, queens and commoners alike. The Royal Joust is a special event that accurately captures the feeling of a true historic joust, your guests will witness knights in shining armor, ladies in majestic gowns, the grandeur of colorful warhorses, all the pomp and pageantry of the medieval event that has thrilled people’s imagination for five hundred years.


Discover NON-STOP Entertainment on 6 Stages!




Join these wet dirty women for some good clean fun, as the    Washing Well Wenches fill your day with love, laughter, and laundry! This wacky duo will win your hearts and keep you rolling in your seats. Bring a man, bring a beer, and bring your britches. See you at the washtub! Performing at the Peasant Stage, show times TBD.




They are back & ready for YOU!



NEW this season!

The Off Broadway HIT! ~ The New York Times says they provide “more laughs than there are bones in Davy Jones’s Locker!”

The GREATEST Pirate Story NEVER Told!

captain protractor

The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told! is Off Broadway’s improvised, interactive, pirate musical filled with boatloads of laugh-out-loud moments for both kids and grown-ups! Help the crew fill in the missing bits of their script as they improvise a musical, pirate adventure based on your suggestions! It’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” meets “Whose Line is it Anyway?” The New York Times says they provide “more laughs than there are bones in Davy Jones’s Locker!”


fight show SH 2013 2

THE BUCCANEER BRAWL ~ Which member of the crew will earn the right to be keeper of their former Captain’s
treasure map? Find out in The Buccaneer Brawl and see if sharpened wit or sharpened steel will reign supreme!






Musical Number

THE ROVING BLADES ~ Songs of the sea, war, love, drink and merriment abound wherever The Roving Blades are around!  Catch this sea-worthy crew of singer-musicians as they perform both ballads and toe-tapping, tavern tunes, and everything in between!



CAST IN BRONZE ~ New Musical Act in 2014

The ONLY Musical Act in the World Featuring a 4 Ton Medieval Instrument called a Carillon! Cast in Bronze

The carillon is played by a silent and masked “spirit of the bells” that appears only to breathe life into the instrument for the performance. The “spirit” and creator of Cast in Bronze, Frank Della Penna, began his studies in Valley Forge, PA, and is a graduate of the French Carillon School in Tourcoing, France.

Cast in Bronze has been invited to perform for both Pope John Paul II and the Presidential Inauguration, and has performed at Walt Disney World’s Epcot in Orlando, Florida 1998 – 2002 for the Christmas season. The music of Cast in Bronze has also been heard on radio, at music and Renaissance Festivals, on television including a special Christmas Eve performance on the NBC “Today” Show, and at Alice Cooper’s 2004 “Christmas Pudding” benefit concert.

The carillons of Cast in Bronze consists of 35 bells each with a total weight of four tons each. Cast In Bronze is the only musical act of its kind in the world, and features the only two carillons in history solely supported by listeners.




Sarah Marie Mullen

Sarah Marie Mullen has been delighting audiences for years as a touring and recording artist. Her masterful playing and innovative arrangements have made her a favorite all over the country. Combining a personal, playful style of performance that often blends music with storytelling, she has been called “a master at her craft who brings a bit of whimsy to the typically serious instrument”.

Voted one of the most popular solo musicians in the country several times in the Renaissance Festival Awards, Sarah’s passion for her music and her infectious energy have made her an audience favorite. As a recent review in Celtic Music Magazine said “see what the harp is capable of in the hands of an expert player who isn’t afraid to have a little fun with it.”




Jeremiah Wiggins

Close up magician, storyteller, and human ambassador to the faerie realm. While Jeremiah seems to be a human fantasy jukebox, his true agenda is educating folk in the needs of the little people and getting himself elected again.

He is recognizable by his very large mushroom, the soapbox upon which he stands. If you don’t believe in faeries before meeting Wiggins you most likely will after. This multidimensional traveller has been performing at Renaissance and faerie festivals for over twenty years.

The Raven


A black-feathered birdman that flies on top of a ball using kung fu fans for wings. He swoops down and invites his audience into his world of extraordinary magic. Joshua Safford has been playing the Raven at Renaissance festivals for almost two decades.




Magical Mystical Michael


Have you ever personally seen someone float in mid-air, or water stop in mid-stream? Magical Mystical Michael will make it happen right before your very eyes! Michael loves making his audience laugh while they’re scratching their heads and wondering “How’d he do that?” A true entertainer, he blends mystery and mirth to keep you marveling, wondering and smiling every minute of the show. Performing at the Imaginarium Stage, show times TBD.



Peter the JesterPESTER THE JESTER!

Welcome to Silliness, Mockery, Entertainment, Laughs & Libations University or S.M.E.L.L. U. Here children will learn about the history of Jesters from the Master of Morons themselves Pester the Jester. With his Bachelors in Buffoonery, his Masters in Mockery, and his PHD in FUN (that’s Finding Unique Novelties), Pester has a wide array of ridiculous knowledge to help teach hopeful young(and old!) fools on their way to become fully fledged professional idiots! Stage and show times TBD.

In addition to his distinguishably silly university, Pester can be found on the streets and lanes of the festival with his stilt walking, zany antics, face balancing skills, and of course an array of rubber chickens.

Danny LordDanny Lord

If you are buying laughs by the pound, Danny Lord, has a bushel to give away. He encapsulates the antics of all the greats. His silent comedy has entertained for oh so many years and his classic cups and balls has them standing and screaming. Take a chance, see the show, it could very well be the thrill of a life time, or the end of a great shopping experience! Huzzah!
Performing at the Imaginarium Stage, show times TBD.

Mick laBriola

Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro’s Music Director, Musician and leader of NEW pipe and drum Band, DRACHEN! Debuting at the Festival!Mick_Headshot

Mick studied throughout his career starting out at the American Conservatory of Music-Chicago, The National Music Conservatory-Amman, Jordan; The Rhythm Riders Institute-Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India; Puerto Santa Maria, Spain. Ensembles, Dance, Theater, Recordings, Songwriting and teaching Workshops/Residencies have been his focus. Working over two decades in the Renaissance Faire world, genres include Arabic, Sephardic, Turkish, Bulgarian, Reggae, Calyspo, Nyabinghi, Soukous, Zebola, Second Line, Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B and Circus & Puppet music. Mick is a roster artist with the Minnesota State Arts Board, Young Audiences of Minnesota, Compas, WAITS and the Nevada State Arts Council.



Mixing the colorful sounds of old and new, the WILD sound of this bagpipe and drums band, will rock the audience MEDIEVAL style throughout the day! Drachen will feature a set of Medieval Pipes like the legendary Neo Medieval German Pipe & Drum groups, Corvus Corax & in Extremo! This group is made up of Ralph Drew, Medieval Piper, and Mick laBriola, Medieval Drummer!




JOUST ORCHESTRA joust orch 1

With Byrce Peltier on the trombone & Nathan Pulse on the trumpet, this orchestra is a royal treat!  The Joust Orchestra performs only for the Joust, Royal Court, Chess Match and the Queen’s Parade.






Elizabeth Nicholson


Known for her dynamic, passionate approach to harp performance, Elizabeth Nicholson is counted among America’s foremost interpreters of traditional Celtic music. Recognized as a vocalist who “sings beautifully…”, Elizabeth possesses an elegant command of traditional song, and an extensive repertoire of early ballads.

A life-long musician, Elizabeth grew up in Chicago studying harp with Northwestern University professor Liz Cifani, and Jenny Lindner through Reed College. This Celtic superstar has a number of musical releases to her credit including the 2008 album “Fly Not Yet” and her 2006 treasure “Sink or Swim.”

Some of Elizabeth’s most memorable early musical influences came from attending Renaissance festivals in her teens, and she is delighted to be playing for the Oregon Renaissance Festival’s opening season.for a 2nd season!



Brongaene GriffinBrongaene (Bronnie) Griffin – Performing throughout the village!

Brongaene Griffin is a delightful contemporary fiddler steeped in the rich Irish tradition. With a classical training tempered by a sojourn in Bluegrass and Old Time, she broadened her already considerable abilities. A prize winning student of the legendary Kevin Burke, Bronnie learned her Irish from the best. She then went to the well of the tradition, spending ten years in Ireland, busking and listening to the great tune keepers and lore masters. She returned and played around the US, sharing the stage with Gerry O’Beirne, Johnny B. Connolly, and Kevin Burke, among others. Today she lives in the musically rich and diverse city of Portland, Oregon, where Celtic music flourishes, enriched by the vibrant and eclectic world scene, all of which is reflected in Bronnie’s lively music. With one stellar album under her belt, and another forthcoming, Bronnie Griffin brings a strong bow, melodic lift, and sheer joy to the world of traditional music.

Sky Kings FalconrySky Kings Falconry

Witness the sport of kings in person with her majestys royal falconer, Jordan Turner! WILDLIFE REVEALED presents their free flighted birds of prey demonstration 3 shows a day.Come witness the beauty of some of the worlds most majestic predators as they fly right over your head. An up close and personal learning experience about hawks owls and falcons. Jordan has been working with birds of prey for over five years and has travelled across the country educating and amazing audiences with his birds. The non-profit organization, Wildlife Revealed, is dedicated to educating the audience about raptors, birds of prey, their environment, and conservation.
See amazing Falconry Demonstrations, 3 shows daily!

MEET THE FAIRIES! ~ Delight in discovering the Village Fairies!


The gentle spirits of nature bestow fairy blessings upon all.

The silent creatures mischievous play in the FairyLand may enchant you with the delight of Fairy Dust!

Featuring ANYA ~ The Faerie Queen of Sommerset VillageFairy Queen

Faerie Storyteller

Featuring Juliet Tripp as Anya the Faerie Queen – she shares her wisdom, stories and encourages you to believe! Appearance locations and times TBD.







The Sherwood Renaissance Singers

The Sherwood Singers

They sing three, four and five part Renaissance madrigals, chansons, and rounds, in English, French, German and Italian, including a repertoire of love songs. Performance locations and show times, TBD. 


Los Grillos

Los Grillos, “Los Grillos 2014 Canterbury GroupThe Crickets”, is a seven-member ensemble which revels in performing music from the medieval and renaissance periods. The group’s vocal music includes classic English madrigals, French chansons, Spanish canciones, and, if you listen closely, you might even hear a catch or two. Instrumental and mixed pieces are performed on a wide variety of reproduction instruments including the familiar recorder; the funny curled crumhorn; the predecessor of the bassoon called the dulcian; the singingcornetto, an odd hybrid of recorder and trumpet; the sackbut, clearly recognizable as the early trombone; the cornamuse, a straightened cousin of the crumhorn; the compact but surprisingly low-pitched racket; the beautiful harp; and a variety of percussion. This extensive repertoire of authentic period music is full of color and excitement!



RionaRiona pic

Riona is an Irish traditional and fantasy singer who resides in Portland OR. She sings in the venerable Irish tradition of unaccompanied performance. She performs regularly at local Renaissance faires and other similar/related events. This will be her first year performing at the Oregon Renaissance Festival.


Cirque du Sewer

rat in shirtCirque du Sewer is the worlds only girl and rat circus (probably).  Melissa Arleth performsa frames split feats of balance with her amazing trained vermin.  The rats jump through flaming hoops, complete obstacle courses, and join Melissa on her slack rope for a finale that is truly unique.


assuit-riqq-highPortland-based bellydancer Henna has been delighting audiences near and brett pitnerfar for over ten years.  Her love of Arabic music has led her to learn classic belly dance as seen in Cairo, as well as folkloric styles around Egypt.  She is a nationally renowned performer, as well as a teacher and workshop instructor.  Brett Pitner and David Reihs, of Portland band Ritim Egzotik, team up with guest percussionist Mick LaBriola to enchant you with gorgeous Arabic and Turkish music from past to present.   Be swept away on a magic carpet ride!  david rehis



High Flying Fools Comedy Acrobatics Show

The High Flying Fools Greatest Aerial Stunt Show….

We Think: Pester & Tata are requested by the queen to make an incredible aerial stunt show!  FrontGate_8.17The problem is they’re just a bunch of idiots! Fear not, with their trusty “Circus for Idiots” manual are well on their way to creating the Greatest Aerial Stunt Show……we think. With feats of strength, displays of grace & beauty, and even a few dangerous stunts the show will be a crowd-pleaser for all ages!

The Painted Lady



Nathair, Bard ExtraordinaireBard photo

Did you know that there is a story about you? It just might not be written yet! Nathair, Bard Extraordinaire improvises
new songs and stories about you while wandering about the streets singing or telling tales from the days of old from his extensive cognitive compendium. The guitar, bodhran, tin whistle, and pan flute are this Irishman’s companions on his endless quest for wine, women, and song.