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Let the Entertainment BEGIN….

 RoundTable Productions

RoundTable Productions

The Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro is proud to present…. A Full Armored Joust Show, featuring the talents & skills of RoundTable Productions!

RoundTable Productions offers a unique and very special medieval armored joust. Step back in time and witness an event fit for kings, queens and commoners alike. The Royal Joust is a special event that accurately captures the feeling of a true historic joust, your guests will witness knights in shinning armor, ladies in majestic gowns, the grandeur of colorful warhorses, all the pomp and pageantry of the medieval event that has thrilled people’s imagination for five hundred years.

RoundTable Productions Knights
Sir Robert of Warwick ~ riding Fredrick the Great
Sir Tristan of Scotland ~ riding Boneparte
Sir Lochland of Linster ~ riding Oscar the Bold
Sir Roland of Bath ~ riding Imperion
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ~ riding Baron

Joust Tournament Show Times: 12pm, 3pm, & 6pm.

Washing-Well-WenchesIntroducing the comedic talents of….The Washing Well Wenches

Join these wet dirty women for some good clean fun, as the Washing Well Wenches fill your day with love, laughter, and laundry! This wacky duo will win your hearts and keep you rolling in your seats. Bring a man, bring a beer, and bring your britches. See you at the washtub!

Thom SellectomyThom Sellectomy – Comedy & Sword Swallowing!

Experience the sharp wit of Thom Sellectomy! Enjoy his clever cutting humor. Entertaining audiences world-wide with his sword swallowing antics.

Jeremiah WigginsStoryteller Jeremiah Wiggins

Close up magician, storyteller, and human ambassador to the faerie realm. While Jeremiah seems to be a human fantasy jukebox, his true agenda is educating folk in the needs of the little people and getting himself elected again. He is recognizable by his very large mushroom, the soapbox upon which he stands. If you don’t believe in faeries before meeting Wiggins you most likely will after. This multidimensional traveller has been performing at Renaissance and faerie festivals for over twenty years.

The RavenThe Raven

A black-feathered birdman that flies on top of a ball using kung fu fans for wings. He swoops down and invites his audience into his world of extraordinary magic. Joshua Safford has been playing the Raven at Renaissance festivals for almost two decades.

Lord Franko Master HypnotistLord Franko Master Hypnotist

Come see what your mind will not believe. Watch your friends hypnotized in a strange mysterious fashion. Learn to tap into your Subconscious mind in a fun relaxing manner. Yes the funniest show you will ever sleep through!

Magical Mystical MichaelMagical Mystical Michael

Have you ever personally seen someone float in mid-air, or water stop in mid-stream? Magical Mystical Michael will make it happen right before your very eyes! Michael loves making his audience laugh while they’re scratching their heads and wondering “How’d he do that?” A true entertainer, he blends mystery and mirth to keep you marveling, wondering and smiling every minute of the show.

Peter the JesterPester the Jester!

Welcome to Silliness, Mockery, Entertainment, Laughs & Libations University or S.M.E.L.L. U. Here children will learn about the history of Jesters from the Master of Morons themselves Pester the Jester. With his Bachelors in Buffoonery, his Masters in Mockery, and his PHD in FUN (that’s Finding Unique Novelties), Pester has a wide array of ridiculous knowledge to help teach hopeful young(and old!) fools on their way to become fully fledged professional idiots! In addition to his distinguishably silly university, Pester can be found on the streets and lanes of the festival with his stilt walking, zany antics, face balancing skills, and of course an array of rubber chickens.
David Doyle Entertainment

Danny LordDanny Lord

If you are buying laughs by the pound, Danny Lord, has a bushel to give away. He encapsulates the antics of all the greats. His silent comedy has entertained for oh so many years and his classic cups and balls has them standing and screaming. Take a chance, see the show, it could very well be the thrill of a life time, or the end of a great shopping experience! Huzzah!
Performing 3 shows a day at the Imaginarium Stage.

Mick laBriolaMick laBriola ~ Music Director

Musician and leader of NEW pipe and drum Band, DRACHEN! Debuting at the Festival!

Mick studied throughout his career starting out at the American Conservatory of Music-Chicago, The National Music Conservatory-Amman, Jordan; The Rhythm Riders Institute-Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India; Puerto Santa Maria, Spain etc

Ensembles, Dance, Theater, Recordings, Songwriting and teaching Workshops/Residencies have been his focus. As well as working as Logistics Management, Stage Managing, MC host and Sound Tech. Mick also worked as a Stained Glass Artist and Writer interviewing artists/musicians.

Working over two decades in the Renaissance Faire world, mick was coerced into entertaining as well as performing. Genres include Arabic, Sephardic, Turkish, Bulgarian, Reggae, Calyspo, Nyabinghi, Soukous, Zebola, Second Line, Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B and Circus & Puppet music.

Mick is a roster artist with the Minnesota State Arts Board, Young Audiences of Minnesota, Compas, WAITS and the Nevada State Arts Council.

The New Minstrel RevueThe New Minstrel Revue

NEW Musical Guests have arrived! Enjoy the sounds of… The New Minstrel Revue!
The New Minstrel Revue are Jerry Barry and J. Bradley Collier often joined by any number of our favorite musicians including, but not limited to Violinist/vocalist Thomas Nuendel. NMR perform a combination of original and traditional folk music with an emphasis on a high level of musicianship. They are just as comfortable performing original comedy and drinking songs as they are traditional ballads and complex high energy instrumentals.
Performing shows throughout the day on the Gypsy Stage, on the village streets and in the Pubs.

Elizabeth NicholsonElizabeth Nicholson

Known for her dynamic, passionate approach to harp performance, Elizabeth Nicholson is counted among America’s foremost interpreters of traditional Celtic music. Recognized as a vocalist who “sings beautifully…”, Elizabeth possesses an elegant command of traditional song, and an extensive repertoire of early ballads.

A life-long musician, Elizabeth grew up in Chicago studying harp with Northwestern University professor Liz Cifani, and Jenny Lindner through Reed College. This Celtic superstar has a number of musical releases to her credit including the 2008 album “Fly Not Yet” and her 2006 treasure “Sink or Swim.”

Some of Elizabeth’s most memorable early musical influences came from attending Renaissance festivals in her teens, and she is delighted to be playing for the Oregon Renaissance Festival’s opening season.

Brongaene GriffinBrongaene (Bronnie) Griffin – Performing throughout the village!

Brongaene Griffin is a delightful contemporary fiddler steeped in the rich Irish tradition. With a classical training tempered by a sojourn in Bluegrass and Old Time, she broadened her already considerable abilities. A prize winning student of the legendary Kevin Burke, Bronnie learned her Irish from the best. She then went to the well of the tradition, spending ten years in Ireland, busking and listening to the great tune keepers and lore masters. She returned and played around the US, sharing the stage with Gerry O’Beirne, Johnny B. Connolly, and Kevin Burke, among others. Today she lives in the musically rich and diverse city of Portland, Oregon, where Celtic music flourishes, enriched by the vibrant and eclectic world scene, all of which is reflected in Bronnie’s lively music. With one stellar album under her belt, and another forthcoming, Bronnie Griffin brings a strong bow, melodic lift, and sheer joy to the world of traditional music.

The Sherwood SingersThe Sherwood Renaissance Singers

They sing three, four and five part Renaissance madrigals, chansons, and rounds, in English, French, German and Italian, including a repertoire of love songs. Performing throughout the day.

Nymbol’s Secret GardenNymbol’s Secret Garden

FUN FOR ALL AGES! Special Guest Show! Nymbol’s Secret Garden, a musical extravaganza featuring magical creatures, original stories, songs and fun for the whole family. “There is magic and mystery all around, if you believe in secrets to be found!” Nymbolnuts, a 215-year-old boggart with a knack for mischief, will introduce you to many fantastical creatures who inhabit his secret island home. Nymbol’s troupe is made up of pirates, faeries, highly trained ‘creature wranglers’, and sometimes even goblins. Their hand made leather creatures are distant cousins of the characters from Labyrinth or the Dark Crystal.

Limited Engagement for the 2nd & 3rd Weekend of Festival ONLY!  Experience the magic of Nymbol’s Secret Garden on August 31st, September 1st, 2nd, 7th & 8th ONLY.

The Great Cats of the World*EXPERIENCE! **The Great Cats of the World Show is presented by Great Cats World Park of southern Oregon. *

Get up close and personal with some of the most endangered cats on earth.

You will be entranced as these magnificent predators leap, bound and climb in this unique, fun and educational experience. Come and see cats large and small as they interact freely with their trainers while showing off the power and grace that truly makes the cat the top predator on land. (4 shows a day at the Kingdom Stage)

Sky Kings FalconrySky Kings Falconry

Witness the sport of kings in person with her majestys royal falconer, Jordan Turner! WILDLIFE REVEALED presents their free flighted birds of prey demonstration 3 shows a day.Come witness the beauty of some of the worlds most majestic predators as they fly right over your head. An up close and personal learning experience about hawks owls and falcons. Jordan has been working with birds of prey for over five years and has travelled across the country educating and amazing audiences with his birds. The non-profit organization, Wildlife Revealed, is dedicated to educating the audience about raptors, birds of prey, their environment, and conservation.
See amazing Falconry Demonstrations, 3 shows daily!

Victorioso Competition PhotoDressage Horse Show!

Tir na nOg School of Academic Equitation – An elegant show in which six
white Iberian horses from Spain and Portugal perform a Classical Dressage
quadrille or “Carousel” in the tradition of the Baroque Schools of Europe,
followed by a surprise performance!
Performance Times: 1:30 & 4:30 at the Joust Tournament Field
Exclusive engagement dates only: August 31, Sept 1. And 4th weekend, September 14 & 15.

Fairy QueenJuliet Stevens as The Fairy Queen!

Meet the Village Fairy Queen, at the Royal Pavilion 3 times a day. Find her in surprising places throughout the Shire!

The Green ManThe GREEN MAN

The one and only, Billy Scudder performs each weekend on the village streets, and stages as the Green Man. Find him in the Fairyland or in a tree. His magical smile you will see.

PDXyarSpecial Engagement by the PDXYAR!

Yes, The Swashbucklers of Swamptown have landed! This shanty crew will set sail both days, for living history, Piratical performances, Black Powder Gun Demonstrations twice a day!

PDXYAR is home to some of the most cutthroat scallywags, rogues and mercenaries to ever set sail on the Northwest Coast. Witness the thunder of our black powder demonstrations, featuring cannons, and flintlock pistols & rifles. Or, stop by the PDXYAR encampment and join the crew!
Challenge one of our shipmates to a rousing game of Liar’s Dice, sing a sea shanty, and learn what life was like aboard a tall ship in the “Golden Age of Piracy”. Spend yer day with The Swashbucklers of Stumptown, Portland’s Premiere Privateers, The Corsairs of the I-5 Corridor!

Exclusive engagement dates only: September 7 & 8.

Una, the MermaidUna, the Mermaid

Una, the Mermaid and her enchanted Fanta-Sea Cove will visit this weekend for Pirate Invasion Weekend! Experience …..

Una The Mermaid is a not-for-profit entertainer who will bring joy and magic to any and all who encounter her enchanted Fanta-Sea Cove! Una, and her lovely mer-pod, are guardians of the water realms. Mermaids help preserve the cosmic balance between land and sea; Earth and spirit. These mermaids have traveled from the depths of the sea to visit the human world, in the hopes that humans will rediscover their hidden treasure within. These mermaids love to play games, and can often be seen flirting with sailors, pirates, and other seafarers. All who come and visit the cove are also gifted with a special treasure!