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Artisan Marketplace

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The Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro is proud to present our Artisan Marketplace featuring talented craftspeople and their beautiful handmade wares. Experience a kaleidoscope of arts as you watch live demonstrations such as weaving, blacksmithing, woodworking, and leather-tooling. Shop for intricate handmade jewelry, unique footwear, and leather armor for your everyday battles. You will find beautiful clothing fit for royalty, pirates, and peasants alike! Rent a Renaissance costume for the day or purchase your own splendid garb to wear home from the kingdom. Complete your Renaissance ensemble with a fanciful face painting, elegant hair braid, or exotic henna tattoo. The Artisan Marketplace has many delights for children too! You’ll find wooden swords and shields, toy catapults, fairy wings, and many more treasures.

You are cordially invited to wander the quaint festival paths and chat with the artisans. Come be delighted, be inspired, and most of all, feel welcome here in the heart of the kingdom!


Arts of the World Gallery
Umbrellas & fans
Leslie Trubetzky

Feathered Body Adornments and Wings
Debra & Eric Hathaway

Fairy Haven
Sparkling fairy wings, wands, ears & crowns
Leigh Anne Thompson

Genesee’s Masks
Beautiful traditional Commedia Dell’arte Masks!
Genesee Spridco

Sceptre Mystique
Magical wands that inspire the imagination
Andrew Flores

The Belrose Costume Shop

The Belrose Costume Shop


The Belrose Costume Shop
Renaissance clothing rentals, children’s wagon rentals, wheelchair rentals
David Belrose

Fairytale Fynery Shop
Unique handmade hats for all ages & flower garlands
Jan Adams

Hearts Delight
Renaissance clothing & accessories for all ages
Ronald & Deborah Mesker


Astrology & Readings

Wandering Star Fortune Telling
Intuitive & entertaining card readings
Shannon Hale

Body Art

Epic Body Art
Extraordinary Face Painting
Gina Niemi

Exquisitely Done
Elegantly creative hair braiding
Raychel Emmons

Sacred Skin Henna
Ancient art form brought to life in imaginative design
Lelah Wright

NEW! Farmer’s Market

Fermentation Creation
Food Fermentation Kits & Fermentation Demos
Jon Lusby

Love a Duck
Fresh Produce, Honey, Natural honey-based creams
Patricia & Steve Shaft

Fiber Arts

Black Sheep of Orenco
Wool-spun products, spinning demonstrations
Tina Johnson & Friends


Earth Dancer (Debuting here! by Windwalker Moccasins)
Incredibly comfortable & exquisitely made moccasins & sandals
Tim & Mary Windwalker & William Heath

Fresh Flowers

Fairytale Fynery
Roses, fresh flowers & beautiful bouquets
Jan Adams


Shadows of Amber
Distinctive glass art
Marie Conti


Baka Tatsu Chainmaile
Beautiful & colorful Chain Maile
Samantha Schlough

Medieval Metal
Unique hair twisters & elf ear cuffs
Sean & Erika Potter


Rose & Thorn Armory
Leather armor & accessories
David & Meredith Entrikin

Wolf Den Leather
Artfully crafted leather goods
Keith & Gabby Smith

Red Troll Forge

Red Troll Forge


Red Troll Forge
Blacksmith featuring knives, swords & utensils
Nicholas Marcelja

Two Geminis Coin Mint
Medallions & Coins made right before your eyes
Bob & Debbie Stewart

Mixed Media

Oddest Goddess Art Dolls
Arts Dolls with sculpted clay faces, recycled wool bodies
Barbara Koppang

Oils and Incense

Natural Oils, Incenses and Bottles
Karen Meledrez & Bret Knight

Wood, Willow and WhatKnots
Oils, Incense, Beaded bottles, Wood-burned Plaques and Boxes, Ceremonial Brooms
Liza & Jerry Sullivan


Tanzaku Wish Flowers
Folded and cut paper flowers and bouquets
Amanda Laughton


The English Potter
Sculptural Pottery
Stephan Clamp


Black Dragon Armory
Wooden toy swords & shields
Michael Parker & Janie Geagan

Midsummer Knights Dream
Fine art Fantasy Pets/Puppets
Robert Walker

Unique Wares

Invisible Alchemy
Authentic, Living, Full-strength Kombucha, Leather bottles, mugs, pouches, fantasy puppets
Balam Mc Nally and Maeve Callahan

After the Sawdust

After the Sawdust


After the Sawdust
Wooden keepsake boxes, turned wooden bowls & accessories
Robert & Shirley Preshong

Enchanted Brooms and Walking Sticks
Hand carved Brooms & Walking Sticks
Tom & Allie Shadowens

Ravensdaughter Celtic Art Therapy
Celtic Art Therapy induces mindfulness by isolating tactile and visual stimuli on a twisting geometric
Erin Rado

Wood, Willow and WhatKnots
Oils, Incense, Beaded bottles, Wood-burned Plaques and Boxes, Ceremonial Brooms
Liza & Jerry Sullivan