We regret to inform you that the Oregon Renaissance Festival of Hillsboro will not continue into a 3rd season.

On the conclusion of our 2014 Festival season the future appeared bright. The positive support from within our community was greatly encouraging of things to come, and planning commenced for the 2015 season.

Early this year our Festival was presented a 2015 lease proposal from the Washington County Fair Complex. The lease was found to be unacceptable by the Festival due to numerous non-negotiable changes in terms. The proposed changes would have adversely affected many of our entertainers’ and artisans’ ability to continue to participate and thus, the Festival’s ability to successfully operate.

The Festival made a concentrated effort to secure an acceptable alternate site within the greater Portland community. Unfortunately, the remaining challenges to work out an acceptable lease are too numerous to overcome within the time we deem required to move forward in summer 2015.

The Festival sincerely appreciates all of your support and patronage these past two seasons. We believe you, our guests, have always been the driving force behind our young show. We hope that the brief time you spent with us brought you joyful memories that might be carried forward in each of your lives.

Wishing you a journey paved with good health and good luck!

Fair thee well and HUZZAH!